Tara’s Tribute: A memory box snap story.

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2017.  I wanted to make a quick post to the website while it was still fresh in my mind (and while I was in a toughened mindset to do so) to feature a new video I put on my Youtube channel.  In honor of my friend’s T.J. and Adrianna, and their daughter Tara, this video is intended to heighten awareness of premature pregnancy complications due to In Uterine Growth Restriction.   Through a series of pictures, I also chronicle the memory box that I built for her keepsakes.  This wasn’t something that I did because it’s enjoyable.  In fact, it took so long to build, and subsequently make the tribute because there were times where I couldn’t hold back the tears and had to stop for a while.  I kept pressing on, because it was my complete honor to do this for them and my way of sharing part of my life with her.  Please take a moment to consider the story of Tara Elizabeth.

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