Prototype to Production: Ideas to Tangible Reality

This year at HamCom 2015, my good friend and fellow ham, Mike Malone, KD5KXF, decided to do a joint presentation on how to take a rough schematic that you’ve drawn on something like a napkin (in my case, with stain hues of cherry Fanta slushes and gas station hot dog mustard), into a tangible production run of circuit boards.  In part 1, Mike takes you through the prototyping process, and in part 2, I subsequently give an overview of how to take that prototype and polish it into a run of professional looking circuit boards.

I really enjoyed presenting with Mike.  Despite this being the first run of my presentation, and being nervous, and finding problems that occurred in the wireless microphone system (after the fact, of course), the presentations went pretty well.  If you would like copies of the slide decks, they have been made available here.  So, without further ado:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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