Tara’s Tribute: A memory box snap story.

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2017.  I wanted to make a quick post to the website while it was still fresh in my mind (and while I was in a toughened mindset to do so) to feature a new video I put on my Youtube channel.  In honor of my friend’s T.J. and Adrianna, and […]

Prototype to Production: Ideas to Tangible Reality

This year at HamCom 2015, my good friend and fellow ham, Mike Malone, KD5KXF, decided to do a joint presentation on how to take a rough schematic that you’ve drawn on something like a napkin (in my case, with stain hues of cherry Fanta slushes and gas station hot dog mustard), into a tangible production […]

How to Make Mead: Part 1

It’s been a year now since I started making mead again.  Since them, I’ve made 10 batches of various things for myself, as well as collaborations with a friend of mine.  This weekend, to celebrate the one year anniversary of my clover honey show mead, I’m starting another batch some orange blossom honey I bulk […]

Leaving Ingress: My ascendancy and decline as an agent.

After a little over two months, I’ve decided to leave Ingress.  It hasn’t been that long in the scheme of things, but because of the time I’ve invested, it feels like forever.  At the time of this writing, my local teammates don’t even know I’ve left the game.  Out of all of the things that […]

New Project Inbound

Hey folks, I’ve had a thing or two going on, but I promise an article on my new project in the next two weeks on the ethernet aware digital clock.  I’ll be giving it some woodworking flare to dress it up along with some Bacon Fat Labs original mods.  Stay tuned. In the mean time, […]